What is co-inherence, anyway?

The term co-inherence was coined by the English writer and theologian Charles Williams (1886-1945) to describe a concept that was central to his rather unorthodox theology. This concept was derived from the Christian mystery of the unity of God in the three persons of the Trinity. Williams extended this to the idea that the unity of mankind consisted of their analogous co-inherence with  each other. Williams believed this applied to all of mankind.

A limited definition of co-inherence has been given as “Things that exist in essential relationship with another, as innate components of the other.” I say “limited” because the phrase ” innate components” doesn’t fully capture, to my mind, the mysterious origins of the concept.

Williams’ original concept of co-inherence, as it related to Christian theology, can be expressed in the following diagram ( though I have added an unorthodox twist by identifying co-inherence with the Holy Spirit.) If Muslims took to heart the concept of co-inherence, they might understand that their God and the Christian God are one and the same.

                            Co-inherence (Holy Spirit)
                               =God, Allah

In the co-inherence diagrams given below I hope to provoke a sense of what I mean by the term co-inherence in a broader sense. Some of these (after a little meditation) may expose the mysterious nature of co-inherence but as someone who studies quantum physics, I have become quite accustomed to including mystery in my world view.

The initiation of the Big Bang is a mystery. Quantum entanglement is a mystery. Complementarity as exposed in Young’s double slit experiment is a mystery. The phenomenon of emergence in complex adaptive systems, such as the emergence of a self-aware mind from the network of synapses in the human brain, is a mystery. But these things all happen, and so might co-inherence.

               These parts                             These parts
                         Those parts                            Those parts
                            = Sum of the parts                   Co-inherence (Network)
                                                                                   =The Whole
                            Co-inherence (Love)
                               =The Self
                Me                 Me
                    You                 You
                     = Duality             Co-inherence (Love)
                               =The One
                                Co-inherence (Life)
                                    =The One
                            Co-inherence (Awareness)
                              Co-inherence (Love)
                         Co-inherence (Bliss)
                             =The One

More down to earth diagrams might be:

            Wave                               Wave
                 Photons                            Photons
                = Duality                                  Co-inherence (Field)
                            Co-inherence (Verb)

Perhaps you can suggest others.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MB
    Feb 04, 2018 @ 18:58:05

    Interesting, quite


  2. Cat
    Jun 03, 2019 @ 11:33:23

    Sounds like some pasty faced white guy making himself important by ranking God the Father above the Muslim Allah.


    • Roger Eugene Hill
      Jun 05, 2019 @ 11:26:57

      There is only one Creator of the one Universe we all live in. There is no ranking in William’s co-inherence. There can be no ranking of the singular One who is the Source of all life (awareness) in the Universe, whose presence on Earth is found wherever there is Love and its handmaiden, Compassion, and whose Truth is open equally to all who seek it. Human beings of all the different races have given the one Creator many different names. It is a tragedy of human history that religious leaders who claim the right to name the Creator have used that right to divide us and feel justified to persecute those who pray to the Creator using a different name. It is particularly painful to realize that the strife between Muslims and Christians over the issue of the Trinity is so misinformed. The fundamental elements of the Christian faith were promulgated in 325 C.E. in the Nicene Creed. This Creed does lay out the nature of the co-inherence of the Trinity but begins with the unambiguous words: “We believe in one God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.” This is entirely compatible with the sacred words of Islam that “There is no God but God –“


  3. Steve
    Jan 24, 2020 @ 12:55:15

    Coherence means that two both indwell each othet


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