Quantum Entanglement

As above so below– (The Emerald Tablet)


Once upon a time
there were two quantum states
|Alice> and |Bob>
born into a family
coaxed by coherence into sameness.
Entangled in oneness, so that
knowing one you knew them all.


But |Alice> and |Bob> were twins
born with instructions to conserve a zero
so that if |Alice> was made to spin one way,
|Bob> would spin in the opposite way.
And vice versa.
            Coherent and


The physicists that played with |Alice>’s spin
observed to their surprise and chagrin
that |Bob>’s spin instantly became opposite
no matter how far away he was from his twin-
maybe, even, on the other side of the galaxy.
By the laws of special relativity,
this is impossible – it just should not be.
It seems these playful people have uncovered a
quantum mystery.


You see, in our world of ordinary matter and energy
nothing can move faster than the speed of light
not even information.
A solution to this mystery might be that
|Alice> and |Bob> exist not only in our world,
but are also somehow present
in a virtual world
where information can travel at a
speed of infinity.


There is such a world in the basement of our spacetime:
The rabbit hole of the vacuum, the world of zeroes,
the world of unity, where there is
no causality.


The playful people have seen that as either of the twins
get more involved with our ordinary world
(and less with the virtual world?)
they lose track of each other: they decohere.
They become free from their obligation to unity
and become completely
             Unentangled and


Isn’t physics fun?



This poem was first published on June 10, 2011, on my webpage http://rogerhillonline.com/Waypoints.aspx