I am a physicist, PhD, UC Berkeley, 1964. For the past several years I have been exploring the metaphysical implications of modern physics, new theories of evolution, and complexity science. I have published some of my findings on the “Reflections” and “Insights” pages of my website https://rogerhillonline.com. These metaphysical ideas together with the theological concept of co-inherence lead to a new non-dualistic darshan – an ontology of Oneness that opposes the dualism that has characterized mankind’s view of human nature and the purpose of life since the time of the Vedic rishis and the Greek philosophers. I hope these blogs will provide some insight into this non-dualistic view of existence and of human nature. I believe that evolution of the narrative of “who we are” and “why we’re here” is an essential component of human evolution and that the survival of our species is dependent on that evolution. The current narratives are trapping us in ancient paradigms that are leading us to division, conflict and destruction.

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