Bonus Time

For eleven days I sat in a room with death
Thinking about love, feeling my body
Weaken as the beatings of my
Heart continued to slow.

But the light of love within my heart
Calmed me and brought me peace.
I saw this guiding light shine
Even on death and
Through death.

Before taking death’s hand I wanted
To leave behind words telling of
What I had found at the
Endpoint of these

I wrote that I saw that “The One”, the
Spirit that quickens all life and
Inspires all awareness.
Is Love itself.
God is Love.
Love is

I saw that I, one of the many,
Co-inhere with “The One”
Through Love.
It was surrendering to that
Simple but profound truth
That brought peace to
My failing heart.

The wheel turned. As death left the room
He told me to remember that
I was now on bonus time.
We parted on good

Now a miraculous bionic bonus maker
Beats away beneath my collar bone
Keeping my heart pulsing in pace
With my life’s demands.

I will live as I have lived but with renewed
Resolve to bring awareness and
Gratitude to as many
Of my moments as
I can manage.

I will try to write of what I have seen
With clarity and beauty and let the
Light of love guide my way
In these days of my
Bonus time.

 This poem was first published on December 24, 2014, on my webpage

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